Croissant – A Lone Pine Bakery specialty, hand rolled butter croissant. $2.49

Ham & Cheese Croissant – Black forest ham and Gruyere cheese tucked inside our famous croissant. $3.99

Turkey Pesto Croissant – Oven roasted turkey with fresh pesto tucked inside our famous croissant. $3,99

Tomato Basil Croissant – Sliced Roma tomatoes and fresh basil with a hint of Asiago cheese tucked inside our famous croissant.  $3.99

Spinach Feta Croissant – Fresh baby spinach with feta cheese tucked inside our famous croissant. $3.99

Pan Au Chocolate – Belgium chocolate batons baked inside our croissant topped drizzled with melted chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar .  $3.99

Almond Croissant – Lone Pine Bakeries signature almond filling topped with toasted thinly sliced almonds and a dusting of powdered sugar.  $3.99

Braided Almond Danish – Lone Pine Bakeries signature almond filling braided in our flakey buttery dough. $3.99

Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish $3.99

Lemon Cream Cheese Danish – Delicate pinwheel pastry filled with lemon cream cheese made with freshly zested and squeezed lemon. $3.99

Sausage, Egg, Cheese Croissant – Butter croissant sliced open and turned into the ultimate breakfast sandwich. $4.99

Ham, Egg, Cheese Croissant $4.99

Egg & Cheese Croissant $3.99

Spinach & Egg Croissant

Muffins, Scones, Cinnamon Rolls

Blueberry Streusel Muffin – Made from scratch muffin loaded with fresh blueberries topped with crumbles of streusel. $2.49

Orange Zucchini Bran Muffin – Low fat made from scratch bran muffin with thinly shredded zucchini and mandarin oranges. $2.49

Espresso Chocolate Vanilla Muffin – Made from scratch muffin baked with chocolate chips and house espresso powder. $2.49

Blueberry Scone – Traditional English scone loaded with fresh blueberries. $2.49

Lemon Poppy Seed Scone – Traditional English scone baked with lemon zest and poppy seed drizzled in a freshly squeezed lemon juice glaze $2.49

Cinnamon Roll with Butter Cream – Huge fluffy cinnamon roll topped with healthy serving of vanilla butter cream. $3.99

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread – Dense pumpkin bread loaded with chocolate chips. $1.99

Banana Cranberry Nut Bread –  Dense banana bread packed with nuts and cranberries. $1.99


Chocolate Chip Cookie – Huge milk chocolate chip cookie baked to perfection. $1.49

Oatmeal Raisin Apricot Cookie – Not like your grandmas oatmeal cookie this cookie is actually delicious. $1.49

Peanut Butter Cookie – Chewy peanut butter cookie with a perfectly crisp edge. $1.49

Chocolate Truffle Cookie – Rich double chocolate cookie baked to perfection dusted with powdered sugar. $1.49

Black Pepper Molasses Cookie – Soft molasses cookie with a hint of cracked black pepper. $1.49

Soft Sugar Cookie – Soft sugar cookie with vanilla buttercream cut into a seasonal shape. $1.99

Crisp Sugar Cookie – Crisp sugar cookie topped with a creamy delicate frosting. $1.99

Black & White Cookie – Half black half white, what side do you eat first and why? (tag us on social media and let us know). $2.99

Almond Biscotti – Crisp almond biscotti, the perfect cookie for dunking. $1.49

Chocoalte Dipped Almond Biscotti – Chocolate dipped crisp almond biscotti, the perfect cookie for dunking. $1.99

Ginger Bread Man – Crisp gingerbread dough made with distinct holiday spices $2.99

Madeline Cookie $1.29

Lemon Bar – Rich golden shortbread covered in a zesty lemon glaze dusted with powdered sugar. $2.99

Cheese Cake Squares $2.99

Fudge Brownies $2.99

French Macaroon – Traditional french macaroon filled with a variety of signature flavors. $1.25

Linzer Heart $2.99


All pies must be pre-ordered!

Apple Pie – Lone Pine Bakery’s flaky pie dough filled with fresh caramelized apples. $14.00

Key Lime – Pie Lone Pine Bakery’s honey graham cracker crust with a light creamy key lime filling. $14.00

Coconut Cream Pie – Lone Pine Bakery’s flaky pie dough with a toasted coconut cream filling topped with homemade whip cream. $14.00

Banana Cream – Pie Lone Pine Bakery’s flaky pie dough. $14.00

Chocolate Cream – Pie Lone Pine Bakery’s flaky pie dough. $14.00

Sweet Potato Pie – One of Lone Pine Bakery’s best sellers, the famous sweet potato pie made with fresh sweet potatoes in our flaky dough. $14.00

Pecan Pie – Lone Pine Bakery’s flaky pie dough with a nutty caramel pecan filling. $16.00


All cakes must be pre-ordered

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting – $28.00

Chocolate Cake with Ganache Frosting – Fudgey chocolate frosted with a rich homemade ganache. $28.00

White Cake with Vanilla Butter Cream & Raspberry Filling – Fluffy white cake filled with fresh raspberries frosted with a creamy vanilla butter cream. $25.00

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Butter Cream – Light crumb chocolate cake frosted with rich vanilla butter cream. $25.00

German Chocolate Cake – Homemade chocolate cake topped and filled in a rich German chocolate frosting. $28.00

Flourless Chocolate Cake – Silky flourless chocolate cake topped with rosettes of fresh whipping cream. $28.00

Cheese Cake – Light creamy cheesecake baked on a honey graham cracker crust. $28.00

Chocolate Cheese Cake – Double chocolate cheesecake topped with a decatent chocolate drizzle. $30.00

Lemon Poppy seed bundt cake – Crumb cake made with freshly zested and squeezed lemon, topped with lemon glaze. $22.00

Cupcakes – Custom flavored homemade cupcakes fit for any occasion (Custom decorations, flavors, accessories on request). $2.49


Ham, cheese, Quiche – Savory smoked ham and sharp cheddar cheese quiche in a light flaky crust. $5.25

Veggie Quiche – Vegetarian quiche in our flaky crust. $5.25

Eclairs & Tarts

Chocolate Tart – $3.99

Lemon Meringue Tart – $3.99

Coconut Tart – $3.99

Fruit Tart – $3.99

Key Lime Tart- $3.99

Eclair  – $2.99